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Dear Parents, Well Wishers and Friends,

It is indeed a matter of great honour and privilege to be heading a school which is rooted in an education system where academics is not only the reason of existence but an entire way of life at GEMS International School, Karnal. At the core of the school we teach every child to be fully equipped with the contemporary concepts, in synch with the pulse of global education. Around this core we build upon the the personality of the student weaving a tapestry of acquiring, learning and executing at International Benchmarks. Being a part of a lineage of International Schools, we believe in a child centric approach.

At the outset I’d like to affirm that turning adversity into an opportunity has been the hall mark of GEMS schools worldwide and we at Karnal have been no different. As the pandemic set in “Learning Was Not Quarantined “and we garnered all the resources and seamlessly brought all the stakeholders into learning effectively and efficiently into the online forum run through the MS Teams. All teachers, students and parents synergised and learning at GEMS as always, continued to be a dynamic process – unstoppable and unique. The Science Innovation Classes, the STEAM learning systems, the Vedic Maths concepts, the PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment), the Global Cultural Awareness Programme, the Career Awareness Programmes, the Generation Global Programme, the English Enhancement Classes, the Choral Reading Sessions, the Inter School Competitions apart from the strategised assessments with research based projects and Viva -Voice were all woven into one synergised system of learning that left us all with a feeling of accomplishment. The Newsletters are a testimony to this rich experience of learning received by the students here at GEMS.

The team of dedicated teachers are all set to continue the task of achieving the GEMS International Benchmarks and craft and nurture every child with love, care and direction. As we move into the next year, we will continue to identify the uniqueness of each child and help and develop the potential within. With ‘differentiation learning’ as a core strategy we will continue to strive to touch, as we teach each child, and make the journey of learning joyous and meritorious.
Wishing you all the best as we move forward into collaborative learning !

Regards and Best Wishes

Mrs.Roopa Gosain

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