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Our values-driven international education is expressed through Core Values which are woven into every academic and curricular activity at GEMS schools. We live and breathe our four values that form the basis of everything we do. They include:

  • Always Learning
  • Care
  • Excellence
  • One Team

With these values at our core at our School , we encourage independent learning and empower students to embrace responsibility. Students at our top private schools learn to celebrate diversity in a spirit of understanding and tolerance that helps them become citizens of the world.

Always Learning

Our open minded curiosity fuels our love for learning. We ask questions & listen so that we continuously learn & improve.


We respect the needs of our stakeholders. We  will ensure they feel listened to and cared for.


We dream big, setting ambitious goals, aiming to be the best at what we do.

One Team

We are a team player, we work with the bigger picture in mind. We put the team’s needs ahead of our own.

Would you like to learn more about what places GEMS schools among the top international private schools in the world? Look no further than the strong values at the heart of what we do. Explore the GEMS Education website to discover more about our strong educational ethos.

Whatever the question, education is the answer’ –  Mr. Sunny Varkey

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