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Enhanced Learning

Inside every child we see greatness to be discovered. We believe that a quality education is key to unlocking the genius in every child. At GEMS, we believe in providing education which is rooted in values, aligned to well-defined learning outcomes, truly global as well as culturally-relevant and personalized to the needs of every child. Committed to the highest standards of academic excellence, GEMS students are creative, self-directed, life-long learners with the wisdom and compassion to make a positive difference to global society. Every child can learn. Just not the same day or the same way. Thus, Differentiated Instruction and Inclusion are key aspects of learning and development at a GEMS school. We celebrate diversity.

Some Learners need more personalised one-to-one support from the teacher to fill prior knowledge gaps / misconception.

Some Children Need Special Needs Attention:

  • Individual education Plans
  • Accommodation Plans

Gifted and Talented Learners Need:

  • Variety : freedom of choice
  • Enrichment or Accelerated Learning
  • Independence to study and learn the way they can learn best (strong metacognition)
  • Opportunity to question, think critically, evaluate and create
  • Opportunity to dig deeper (more depth)
  • Opportunity to enlarge the canvas (broad curriculum)

The capacity of every child present in the classroom is not the same. While learning may feel like an enjoyable endeavor to some, others may struggle with some concepts. Just like our GEMSites, GEMS teachers, or rather facilitators of learning, are also enablers. They understand and genuinely empathise with the individual struggles of students and ensure that each one actually thrives in their uniqueness.

For many parents, a formal identification of a specific learning difficulty is a turning point and can be a huge setback / even a huge relief. At GEMS Education, we believe every child has the right to a quality education.

That’s why when your child attends a GEMS School, they can access a whole spectrum of help and support to address individual learning needs.

Overcoming all the hurdles and struggles is extremely important to give an enhanced learning experience to each child. Ensuring all children get a successful initiative and the right kind of opportunity to quality education is the primary task of a mentor. Our continuous Education research backed by the incessant hard work, expertise, knowledge and experience of over 20000 education professionals informs our teaching and learning practices at the GEMS schools.

We proactively promote inclusion by encouraging students to respect and appreciate uniqueness in each of their classmates. We expect them to collaborate and co-operate with each other so that they can contribute constructively to the learning community and the community at large.  We believe in identifying the innate potential of each child and honing these abilities, while looking for the hidden interests of the child. This also means that we hold all our students to high standards of excellence and achievement.

Our children develop social, emotional and creative intelligences. These include some of the seminal skills this generation growing up amidst the fourth Industrial revolution will require. They are growing up in a transformative age of extraordinary, creativity, innovation and originality. They cannot live with skills of repetition, regimentation, memory and cyclical coordination. They need to have human skills that machines despite Artificial Intelligence will not be able to emulate.  Under Social Intelligence they learn empathy. Perceptiveness, collaboration, negotiation, problem-solving, conflict resolution, persuasive communication, sharing and respect for others’ perceptions and objective acceptance of varied points of view. They would urgently require creative intelligences that urge them to question and re-think, that urge them to innovate, to enquire and think deeply and thus be passionate problem-solvers. They would need perseverance amidst diverse perspectives in a confluence of the local and global communities.

Thus, we enhance learning with education that is re-imagined to meet the changing needs of a world dramatically revolutionised by automation and technology. It has radically changed the way we work, socialise, play or communicate. This generation will need a different kind of resilience and originality faced with the growing challenges to the very meaning / idea of being human.

GEMS students move beyond the classroom to connect with and make a difference to the world around them in manifold ways. Thus, learning at GEMS is an experience in leading change.

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